Nitralife was the first company in the world to actively promote the use of nitrogen inflation gas in car and truck tyres. The first field tests were started in early 1995 and the success of these led to the formation of NITRALIFE ‘Nitrogen in Tyres’ in mid-1996.

Company founder, Rob Sowry has extensive experience in the tyre industry, having been one of the founding members of Maxiprest Tyres (now Bridgestone MaxT Solutions) in 1982. He was later instrumental in the start-up and growth of the ‘Nitrogen in Tires‘ industry in North America.

Nitralife is truly a world leader.

Our mission at Nitralife is to change the way people see tyre inflation and tyre safety. We aim to convert every tyre in the country (and then the world) to nitrogen and provide the customer with a better understanding of the benefits of a better-inflated tyre.

Nitralife is the only company in the world that can offer such a comprehensive solution from the largest open cast mining to passenger tyre shops, car dealerships and petrol stations.

No matter how big the tyre, we can fill it with Nitrogen.

We are proud to partner with these brands

Nitralife supplies all sizes of transport businesses. To date, approx. 500 passenger tyre retailers and car dealerships in South Africa alone offer nitrogen inflation. From large international mining companies to South Africa’s premium commercial transporters and leading passenger tyre market suppliers. Our customers include: